Wednesday Morning Shopping

Shopping Haul

Hubby and I went to Ace Hardware this morning for the Ace Hardware Independence Day Sale because Hubby really wanted to do the DeWalt deal. He called three different Ace Hardware stores last night to clarify the deal.

And today was still a nightmare.

We headed up to the town north for the Ace deals bright and early. Once again, they didn’t participate in the national Ace Hardware ad, but price-matched everything from our flyer. However, they said they didn’t order any DeWalt products for the sale.

Hubby decided he really wanted the DeWalt products though, so we headed over to the town east of us where they had three of the drills, but no impact drivers.

He does in for the drill, and they didn’t want his trade in, they were just going to give the price of $139.99.

As Hubby goes to check-out, the clerk told him the Ace rewards cards were not working, so Hubby would have to call in later to get the points attached to his card. He would get the discount using the store card.

Then, Hubby used the home improvement cards from the Rite Aid deal last month, to pay. And the register shut down after the third one!

He called me 10 minutes later (I was waiting in the car anticipating a quick in-and-out) to say it would be a while, and then 15 minutes later he finally left the store with a and written receipt!

While the clerk was very good about the process (Hubby said the clerk was more frustrated than Hubby, but he knew what to do since the same thing happened last week), Hubby was most displeased a manager didn’t even walk over to apologize. I agree with Hubby – a 25 minute check-out process for one item is a bit excessive.

So while Hubby is well pleased with the prices and products we purchased today, it didn’t come without an aggravation factor!

How was your shopping this week? Did you find any great deals? Anything we should all run out for? Detail folks, details!


  1. Ooh. That was a LONG check out. Can’t believe the mgr. didn’t say anything.

    No shopping…………it has been up to 110 degrees here. Hate it! Will have to venture out eventually to pick up some produce. Supposed to be in the mid to high 90’s tomorrow. It will seem like heaven I am sure!!

    • Hubby called Ace HQ to complain making it very clear it wasn’t the clerk. HQ said it was the store’s computer system and it had nothing to do with HQ.


  2. Thanks!!!!!!!!! I am trying to get DH to go to our local Ace cause these are actually things that we can use. Like the weed and grass killer. This bright lime green weed (grass) has spread from our neighbors lawn to ours and it’s taking over. :( I’m not sure we can really get rid of it.

    • Yikes, Liz, Make sure you sign up for an Ace card before you go. You can print a temporary one and use that asap. This means no rebates! YAY!


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