Sunday Morning Shopping

Shopping Haul

Hubby had to return part of an online order at Walgreens, so I decided to pick-up some of the 88¢ 2 Liters of pop while I was there.

Walgreens Order

(3) 2L Pop 88¢
= $2.64

And we went to CVS because I was actually past the use-it-or-lose-it time period of some ECB. My CVS has no problem taking ECB that are a week expired though, so that was fine. Unfortunately, the sale this week was, IMO, horrid. The Buffalo market did receive the $4/$20 CVS purchase coupon, and I had $15 in ECB to spend, so with nothing I “had” to buy for myself, I let Hubby loose:

CVS Order

(13) Powerade 69¢
(1) Softsoap $2.99
(2) Fiji Water 2/$3
(1) Hefty Vegetable Bags $3
(2) Ziploc Bags 2/$6
= $24.16
– $4/$20 coupon
= $20.16
– $2 cvs softsoap coupon
= $18.16
– $15.50 ECB
= $2.66 and I received $1 ECB (Fiji water) to use another time.

In my quest to use up our stockpile this year, I have begun to run low on products. This includes freezer and storage plastic bags, so I figured WTH the ECB were toast, may as well use them on something I need. Hubby was responsible for the powerade and water. All-in-all we did quite well and made use of our CVS coupons and ECB.

How was your shopping this week? Did you go Sunday Morning Shopping? Did you find any great deals? Anything we should all run out for? Detail folks, details!


  1. wendy d says:

    sure do need a ziplock stock up!

    informed we were out of men’s deodorant:)

    4 gillette deodorant $5.29 BOGO 50% = $15.87 – $4 in mq = $11.87
    4 pantene $14 – 2 bogo mq + $2/2 IP = $5
    4 herbal essence @ 2/$5 = $10 – 2 $5 clairol form 7/7 pg = 0
    1 dawn @ .97 – .50 mq = .47
    1 kit kat mini $3 – $2.50 mq = .50
    – $4/20
    -.50 extra care
    pantene bogo deducted $4.99 x2 = – $2.98 more
    plus some kind of screw up = $8.35 + tax
    paid with ends of gift cards =
    .91 paid in cash
    got $10 p&g ecb plus should get $5 beauty bucks
    and needed the deodorant.
    will be eating the kit kats soon
    for the longest time there was a never ending stock of deodorant


    • I still have a load of men’s deodorant, but my women’s deodorant stock is really low. Sounds like you did REALLY well today Wendy!


  2. Nothing yet. I would like to go to rite aid, target and stop and shop. I have some rebates that need to be done by today. I am royally screwed for Cvs. I have $50 in Ecbs expiring this week.

    • OMG you poor thing. The Olay rebate is after coupons … maybe the P&G rebate and stock up on paper towels and Dawn?


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