Crest 3D White $10 Rebate Form

Printable Rebate Forms

Crest 3D White $10 Printable Rebate Form

expires 6/30/13


  1. Disappointed after waiting for 2 months to receive my 10 dollar rebate from Crest that it was denied because I used the 7.00 coupon inside the product box at the time of purchase. Be sure to read all small print. What a waste of my time!

    • Thanks for sharing this info….unfortunately, a disingenuious, but common ploy by manufacturers. Some might advise the Consumer to “read the fine print”. However, this critical info is not divulged to the Consumer at the time of purchase. Shame on the manufacturer for bating honest Consumers into purchasing their product….all for a “$10 Rebate”? Is their reputation worth so little?

      • Sometimes the fine print is so tiny, it’s tough to read. Like medicine packaging, you need a magnifying glass to read the dosage. I think we all agree that the hassle to receive a 10 dollar rebate isn’t worth the trouble. When I started using Crest whitening strips, the cost was reasonable. Now, they are nearly double in price! I think I will invest in a box of arm and hammer baking soda and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide which is all the strips are anyway. No more rebates for me unless it happens at the cash register!

    • Wow! I wish I had read the comments BEFORE I printed the form! Now I don’t get the $10 I was calculating into the total cost of the strips AND I wasted a whole page of ink Only consolation is I printed in grey instead of color! Colgate – here we come!

  2. Rebecca C. says:

    I have tried to redeem my $10 coupon, unsuccessfully..disappointing.

  3. Carol Stenstrom says:

    I was glad to read Alta’s comment as I also had used a $7.00 coupon and won’t bother myself with the rebate process.

    • pATRICIA bASILI says:

      I was thoroughly disappointed to see that I could not use the $10.00 mail-in rebate also. It is a small price to pay for returning customers and giving good customer service. If I had known that, I would never have bought the white strips. It is false advertising. I would pay more only to receive good customer service and not being TRICKED into thinking that I was getting a rebate. By not paying that $10.00, they lost a good customer! NOT TOO SMART – Terrible marketing!

    • what a scam to get you to buy crest 3d professional effects!!!! purchased a box for almost $45. based on the fact of Crest offering a $10 rebate that expires 3/30/14 (according to the yellow sticker on the box) however was unable to download a rebate that hadn’t already expired. Did not think Crest was so sneaky & deceptive in getting one to buy its products. Hope they do the right thing by their customers and honor the Rebates by contacting us and sending the $10 that belongs to us rather than putting it back into their pockets!!!!! How bout it Crest??????

  4. Maria P says:

    Well, looking for a valid printable rebate form for my $10.00 I stumbled into this. Forms have expiration dates that don’t apply to my recent purchase the box reads valid 9/30/13, the forms go up 2012 ? I also used a 7 dollar coupon. Can someone tell me where I missed rebate not valid if coupon used at time of purchase? Reading the comments, I too will not bother with the rebate process. I still could not find a form with an updated expiration date?

    • From the form above:

      Offer begins December 30th, 2012 and expires June 30th, 2013. Your request must be postmarked by July 31st, 2013.


      • Anastasia Wicketts says:

        I think this is terrible I will no long be using Crest for anything there are lots more products out there that are just as good or better. very disappointed in Crest you are not scoring points with your consumers.

      • I called the Crest Co. after reading the comments from Atla and Maria P.
        I bought my 3D White strips on 8/30/13 and after realizing that the form exp in July 2013 I called the co.
        I was able to print an updated form expiring on September 30th 2013.
        Link to crest rebate expiring 10/31/13
        This will bring you to the updated form.
        I used a $7. Manf coupon from the newspaper, hope they’ll still honor the rebate.

        • Alta Haggett says:

          Good luck A. Browne. I had a current rebate form and waited 3 months only to get all my paperwork returned to me … I also used a 7 dollar coupon at the time of purchase and was told I had already recd a discount and could not apply for the rebate ….. Not worth the aggravation and time spent jumping through the hoops. if a company advertises a rebate, they should make it easy and simple. We all have experienced the same brick wall … Done with Crest!

    • Maria, on the rebate form, there is a sentence stating that this rebate cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Crest sent back to me copies of everything I had sent them. I had all t’s crossed and i’s dotted but, a brief statement from Crest said they could not process my rebate bc my sales receipt indicated that I had already used a 7.00 coupon. After all my efforts and waiting nearly 3 months, I was very disappointed that I was not receiving the rebate. :(

    • I’m also looking for the same rebate form. I too used a 7.00 coupon but in was not inside the box. I used the coupon that comes in the sunday paper. But along with that i also used alot of award points from my store so i’m not sure if this as well would reply to me. but I will well i think the word will be MAD

  5. Valerie says:

    Thanks ladies for the heads-up on the rebate. I expected Crest to be a better company than this. I have used Crest toothpaste since I was a kid – gee at 48 that’s a long time – and now I see that product loyalty means ZERO. I will be sure to share my experience with everyone I know on Facebook and encourage them to try another product. Thanks for nothing……

  6. KATHRYN C says:

    Well, I’m so glad I found this comment section. I was looking for the rebate form and it said (expires 12-31-12). When I kept looking I finally found this section. I too used a $7.00 coupon not knowing it would void the rebate. The plastic wrap around the box does not say anything about that. MARIA, you didn’t miss it, IT’S NOT THERE. I believe this is false advertising since you can’t find out about this until you look it up on the website. By then I had already opened and used most of the strips. I also am very disappointed in Crest. They should be ashamed!

  7. Please email me the address to send in my rebate form thank you.

  8. This is so annoying, when I got ready to print the form I seen the many comments saying you couldn’t use a 10.00 coupon from the newspaper ! This is total jip. Where does it say that on the outside of the box??????

    • It doesn’t say anything on the box. When you go to the website to print off rebate form, be sure to read ALL the print. It will tell you the 10 dollar rebate cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, which includes any discount you may have gotten at the register with a coupon. Save yourself the aggravation and time. The advertisement for 10 dollar rebate is deceiving. Alta

  9. Donna Leivestad says:

    Today I purchased 2 boxes of Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Seal Professional Effects . Yellow sticker on boxes says Save $10 by Mail in Rebate. Visit to redeem. Valid thru 3/30/2014. I bought the 20 strip size boxes. I cannot find where I can get the rebates. You show a Crest $10 mail in rebate that says it expired 3/30/2013. Where is the one that is good until 2014?
    Your reply is appreciated.

  10. Pat Kautz says:

    Thanks for the info – I used a $7.00 off coupon – so I won’t bother to try to print coupon!

  11. I read the fine print on the rebate form but it does not say the word “coupon” anywhere on it–does not say we cannot use coupons. It mentions it cannot be combined with other offers like other previous rebates. I will be calling the number on my rebate rejection letter. What a waste of time, effort, and money. I would never bought the product if I knew Crest was going to pull a fast one on us.

    • I think their words “cannot be combined with any other offers” might include coupons at the register. I’m done with crest too! Good ole baking soda and peroxide will work … ;0)

  12. Waste of time. The form I found said it expired 6/30/13 but had to be postmarked by 7/31/13. Problem is that the sticker on the package said offer was good until 9/30/13. After reading other posts I gave up on the process. Guess this is the only Crest product I will purchase.

  13. I had this same issue with using the $7 off coupon. Waited for almost three months and they sent me a letter saying I was unable to receive the rebate. However, after looking around, I cannot find where exactly it says you are uneligible to receive the rebate when you use the coupon. Absolutely ridiculous! For the price you pay for their products they sure are stingy. Hello Colgate!

    • Looks like all of us share the same experience. Crest returned all my paperwork minus the 10 dollar rebate. A total waste of my time in the first place and pretty sucky PR for Crest. Their products are expensive, so, I am using good ole baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Thanks for your poor advertising Crest!

  14. Marvis Burke says:

    Wow, I have been clicking and searching trying to find the form to redeem my $10 rebate and for a moment there, I thought I was crazy or just missing something. Then, I started reading all of your comments and realized that Crest does not have a rebate offer for the customer, it’s a lie and a luring tactic, Considering the fact that I got my product on sale and had a coupon, no need in wasting anymore of my time or my postal stamp. I too will be using Colgate products from now on, Crest has lost another customer and I will be telling everyone I know not to purchase their products, let alone submit info to them to receive a rebate. TACKY, VERY TACKY CREST! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN!!

  15. Jennifer says:

    I am totally disappointed in Crest. I have used crest for years as has my entire family. I will never buy another tube of crest and will work hard to find other alternatives to any P&G product!! They should be ashamed of themselves.

    How deceptive they are to save a couple of bucks. They lost out on hundreds if not thousands of dollars in future purchases from me and my family.

    I will be sure to pass on to family and friends as well.

  16. Johanna Lee says:

    I bought this product because of the 10 dollar rebate and it all turns out to be a lie. Never buying this product again, false advertisement leads you nowhere.

    • Alta Haggett says:

      I think we all have been burned by Crest! Anyone interested in printing out our ongoing comments and sending them to customer relations dept at their corporate office? If we can’t get our 10 dollar rebate from them, at least they will know they have lost many customers. The big guy continues to step on the little guy to get where he’s going. It’s just W R O N G !!!!!

  17. Jacqueline Banovich-Janssen says:

    How does a person go about getting their $10 rebate? You should go back to coupons inside your product. I’ve had wonderful results with Crest products but please doesn’t offer a rebate that’s hard to receive. I think your company is above that. I’m 64 years old and when people look at my teeth they don’t believe my age. Of course not drinking tea or coffee and no tobacco products also has its rewards. Thank you.

  18. eltricia lindsey says:

    Where is the site that I use to get my $10.00 rebate? All I read are complaints from other disappointed buyers of your 3DWHITE that cannot re-deem their rebates…Is this false advertisement to get people to buy your product!

  19. I’m glad I found this site before I wasted my time. After reading these comments I went to the Crest website and attempted to send them an email voicing my displeasure with this deceptive practice. Guess what, I was unable to submit my complaint because for some reason I did not meet their criteria????? It appears the company is well aware of this issue and could care less. I know it won’t hurt them much where it counts, but I will never buy Crest or P&G products again.

  20. Just got a form in the mail that Crest will honor the rebate after all this! Guess they heard us! Hooray for Crest doing the correct thing!!

    • Susan Roach says:

      Too bad for me that I didn’t see the comments before I bough my first box of strips. Sent away for the $10.00 rebate last week (after having difficulty finding a form with correct date), only to get it back in today’s mail. Guess who walked in with a new box for my husband? Guest what is going back to the store for a refund, along with a copy of my refund and the returned rebate I received in the mail today. Too bad, so sad Crest you lost me as a customer. I don’t like dealing with liars and thief’s. Obviously management hasn’t walked down a toothpaste isle lately, LOTS to choose from. Hi Colgate.

  21. That’s great news! Are they going to post the MIR on their website so we can download and send it in?

    I just purchased my Crest Whitestrips at Amazon and used the Subscribe and Save feature they have to save a few extra bucks. I’m wandering if Crest counts that as a coupon? Any thougts? Should I go through the trouble of sending in the MIR?

  22. amanda fountain says:

    about 5-6 months ago I was supposed to receive a one time rebate of $50 or a box of 3 d white. I have spent $50 a month on this product for about 2 years because it sometimes does make my teeth a little whiter. well, I never received a new box of product or a voucher for it…. Then I have a “mail in rebate” for $10 that was on the box I purchased, but, I had to go to 3d to redeem.( Mail in? then why website?) It is impossible to get any where on this web site. They ripped me off for long enough. I’m pretty sure I would have saved lots of money if I would have gone to my dentist for a professional whitening. Beware CREST 3D WHITE is a RIP OFF!

  23. Alta Haggett says:

    Out of the blue I received correspondence from Crest. After being denied my 10 dollar rebate, the letter of apology for dissatisfaction with how they were handling the rebate also stated that a 10 visa debit card would be arriving in the mail a few days after the letter. It’s been nearly a week. I haven’t received anything yet. I will post when it arrives.

  24. If anyone finds the rebate which is good thru 2014, PLEASE post a website so we can all find it. Thx.

  25. They have changed the wording on their rebate form. It now reads, in bold print I might add, “This offer cannot be combined with other offers, including coupons.” It sounds like they are honoring the requests for people who used coupons with the old rebate form which expired this summer, but they are making it impossible for those who are trying to use the new form. Wish I had known this before I bought them!

  26. This is my 3rd time looking and searching for the rebate form- valid until 3-30-2014… the Crest 3DWhitestrips box has been sitting on my desk 4 weeks
    – with the receipt and save $10 by mail sticker and I have been searching for the rebate order form-as indicated on the box… I also called the 1-800 number and no such way to get ahold of anyone with information…. it is a wild goose chase… how disappointing… I paid way too much for these 20 whitestrips in the first place… I felt I was dealing with a reputatable company….Crest- please read all these emails and make it right with the patrons….

    • On July 25 I purchased the Crest 3D White. I was dismayed to find out that the rebate form had already expired on June 30. ????? I tried to search the website to see if there was another one, no such luck. I guess it doesn’t exist? In that case I am going back to the store where I purchased it from along with a copy of the comments from this website. The stores shouldn’t be selling products promoting rebates that have already expired. As far as I am concerned CREST is a SCAM!

  27. Alta Haggett says:

    I started the rebate process in February of this year 2013. I mailed in rebate form and necessary proof of purchase. Three months later, I received all my paperwork back stating it could not be processed bc I had already used a 7 dollar coupon which was included in the box of white strips I had purchased. It is now the end of Sept. I rec’d notification that I would receive a 10 dollar visa debit card for my dissatisfaction with Crest. Mmmmmmm. It’s been 2 weeks and I’m still waiting. Crest, you score no points in public relations. If enough people get tired of your scams, your products will remain on the shelf. Shame on you!

  28. I received the same letter a couple of weeks ago and just got my $10 Visa card this past week. So they are mailing them out. Just letting you all know.

  29. Margaret Cruz says:

    After spending considerable time and effort to find the right rebate form after talking to a Crest rep on the phone, I read all the comments and realize that I too will get back all I send in for the $10 rebate since I used a coupon from the newspaper for $7 off. I will send it in but if I do get it all back and no rebate, I will not only no longer use Crest products which I have always used but will stop using P&G products altogether. Our pocketbook seems to be the only voice that can be heard. What a shame. I say if you purchase the product, the rebate form should be in the packaging and should not have an expiration date at all.

  30. Susan Roach says:

    Thought I posted it. Bought the product, looked for the form, sent it in last week. Got home today with a new box, found my rebate had been returned unopened. Guess what is going back to the store for a refund. I will send a copy of my refund and the 1st refund info. Don’t like to do business with liars and thief’s. Obviously the marking department hasn’t walked down a toothpaste isle in a while, a sea of product to choose from. Hello Colgate. I can live without the $10.00, can they live without hundreds of customers?

  31. VERY DISAPPOINTED that there isn’t a form for the Sae $10.00 BY MAIL IN REBATE. Yellow sticker on box said VISIT 3DWHITE.COM to Redeem Valid thru 3/30/14. What’s up with this.

  32. since the box does not say the rebate can’t be combined with other offers, perhaps folks should file a formal complaint against crest and its parent company with the Federal Trade Commission, for false advertising and deceptive practices. Maybe then Crest will shape up and do the right thing especially if they have to pay a punitive fine.

  33. Barbara Heard says:

    I purchased Crest White Strips today at Walmard in Mobile Alabama and am now requesting information on what to do to receive my $10.00 rebate. The yellow sticker on my purchase says (SAVE $10.00 by mail in REBATE visit 3D to redeem. Valid Thru 3/30/2014.) I did all that is required; what do I do next? When will I receive my $10.00 REBATE???????? Please respond. thank you

  34. After reading all your comments, why bother to attempt to get rebate expiring 3/30/14? What a disappointment of a established company I have known since 1952. In today’s economy, I am always looking for ways to save on products I like and use. The white strips were a luxury for me to buy.
    Probably have to buy store brand from now on.

  35. After reading all the negative comments and having the same problem (not finding a 3/30/2014 valid date rebate form) I won’t bother to waste anymore time. But I will pass the Crest products up next time. And I will mention it to my dentist as he recommends this product.

    • Why do companies offer rebates & then make it so difficult to collect them? I guess they just want you to buy their product and will drop to any level to achieve that end! Is it really worth risking losing all these unhappy customers?

  36. Kathleen Lecheler says: Hey guys, I guess I’m just another one caught by this scam. Only real recourse is to contact the federal trade commission who sues companies for false claims. Since nothing on the yellow tag, I think this fits the requirements. Let’s not be lame ducks and do something about it! If they get enough complaints such as these Crest may think twice.

  37. I actually got my “rebate” in the form of a P&G $10 debit card. Only problem was when I went to use it it registered at $3.92. So much for my $10 rebate. Frustrating and embarrassing since I didn’t bring $ into the coffee shop where I attempted to use the card.

  38. I will work hard to eliminate P&G products from my shopping cart. This whole rebate is a sham.

  39. Marianne Taylor says:

    You guys lied…right on the front of the box about the rebate.
    Been buying your product for years…not any more.
    Shame on you

  40. This rebate was nothing but a pain. It was difficult to locate the appropriate paperwork to send in. Most of the online information was for 2013 and not 2014. Once located and sent in I received a card (not a check) to purchase merchandize. WHAT A SCAM! I will avoid P&G product and rebate in the future. Additionally, I have no problem sharing with friends!

  41. Glad I found this site before wasting time on the rebate. I had the same issues as everyone else. The sticker on box states rebate valid until 3/30/14 but no such rebate form exists. Then to find out that since I used a coupon from the paper that I can’t get the rebate anyway! This is false advertising. I paid $58 for these things and that $10 rebate definitely factored in the purchase. You can bet I will be telling everyone I know about Crest’s deceptive practices and not to buy their products. It is Colgate from now on for me.

  42. guess I got burnt too! didn’t use a coupon just paid 54.00 thinking I would get 10.00 back. glad you folks are letting everyone you can know about this deception.

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