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I update the Printable Rebate Forms (Refund) Page as I find offers. With so many offers it can get confusing. I put up a Printable Rebate Forms gif and leave it in place for 24-48 hours after a new offer is posted. That way, if you check daily you can see the most recent offer posted.

How To Rebate Instructions
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To find an offer by a particular manufacturer or product rebate form:
Hold down the control (ctrl) key and F at the same time. A little box will pop up that you can type in the word. This can be done to search any website.

Printable Rebate Forms

Zantac, DulcoGas, Dulcolax $10 Rebate Form expires 10/1/14 Thanks Jason

Allegra/Nasacort $5 Rebate Form expires 10/4/14 Thanks Jason

Hormel Compleats Breakfast Satisfaction Guarantee expires 10/26/14

Minwax to $15 expires 10/26/14 Thanks Joyrina

Comfortis to $25 Mail in Rebate Form expires 10/31/14

Kimberly-Clark to $10 Mail in Rebate Form expires 10/31/14

Musselman’s Free Game of Bowling expires 10/31/14

Oral-B Power Wow $20 Rebate expires 10/31/14

Shell Rotella Fall Synthetics Promotion expires 10/31/14 Thanks Joyrina

Trifexis to $25 Mail In Rebate Form expires 10/31/14

Turtle Wax Jet Black $7 Rebate Form expires 10/31/14 Thanks Joyrina

Bar- S Foods Try Me Free Rebate expires 11/1/14 Thanks Jason

Weight Watchers Smart Ones $10 Visa® Reward Card Offer expires 11/14/14

Campbell’s $3.50 Coupon Offer expires 11/15/14 Thanks Karen Printable Rebate Forms

Nasacort 7 Day Challenge expires 11/15/14 Printable Rebate Forms

Rogaine $10 Mail In Rebate Form expires 11/29/14

Activia Challenge to $65 expires 11/30/14 Thanks Jason

Bayer Advanced 2014 Rebate to $6 expires 11/30/14 Thanks Joyrina

Bayer Advanced DuraZone $5 Rebate expires 11/30/14 Thanks Joyrina

Bayer Advanced Season Long Grub Control $5 Rebate expires 11/30/14 Thanks Joyrina

P&G Catch of Your Life $10 VISA Prepaid Gift Card Offer expires 11/30/14 Printable Rebate Forms

P&G Pink Bakerware 2014 expires 11/30/14

Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Mascara Rebate Form expires 11/30/14

Quantum Health Rebate Forms expires 11/30/14
• Buzz Away Extreme (4oz) $1.50
• Buzz Away Extreme Towelettes $1.50
• Canker Cover $1.25
• Elderberry Capsules $1.50
• Elderberry Liquid Extract $1.50
• Elderberry Syrup $1.50
• Lip Clear Lysine $1.25
• MigreLief $2
• Quantum Derma $1.25
• See 90 $1.25
• See 180 $2
• Super Lysine + 7 gram $1.25
• Super Lysine + 21 gram $1.75
• Super Lysine + Liquid Extract $1.50
• Super Lysine + Tabs (90ct) $1.25
• Super Lysine + Tabs (180ct) $2
• There Zinc Lozenges $1.50/2
• There Zinc Oral Spray $1.50

PediaSure Powder Rebate expires 12/1/14 Thanks Jason

Arm & Hammer Clean Scentsations Detergent MBG expires 12/31/14

Aquafresh ExtremeClean Money Back Guarantee expires 12/31/14

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Truly Radiant Battery-Powered Toothbrush MBG expires 12/31/14

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Truly Radiant Toothpaste MBG expires 12/31/14

Free Berkley Fishing Tool Kit Offer expires 12/31/14 Thanks Karen

Blue Rhino Rebate Offer expires 12/31/14

Boost Taste Great Guarantee 2014 expires 12/31/14

Callex Ointment $4 Rebate expires 12/31/14

Cascade ActionPac $5 Mail In Rebate Form expires 12/31/14

Digestive Advantage® 2 Week Tummy Take-Back Money Back Guarantee Challenge expires 12/31/14

Dove Hair Care Money Back Guarantee expires 12/31/14

Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotics $10 Rebate Form expires 12/31/14

FortiFlora $5 Mail in Rebate Form expires 12/31/14

Heartgard $50 Mail in Rebate Form expires 12/31/14

Jolly Time Popcorn Taste Challenge expires 12/31/14

Kedem Sparkling Grape Juice to $6 Rebate Offer expires 12/31/14

Lanacane Try Me Free Mail-In Rebate expires 12/31/14 Thanks Jason

Liquid Nails to $60 Mail-in Rebate expires 12/31/14

Listerine Money Back Guarantee expires 12/31/14

NonyX Nail Gel $5 Rebate expires 12/31/14

Obikwa Wines to $15 expires 12/31/14 No purchase necessary in AL, IN, MA, HI, ME, MO, MS, MT, NH, OH, OK, OR, VA, VT, and WV

Oxy Try Me Free expires 12/31/14 Thanks Jason

Quilted Northern Soft and Strong Toilet Tissue Money Back Guarantee expires 12/31/14

Quilted Northern Toilet Tissue Money Back Guarantee expires 12/31/14

Veet Try Me Free Rebate expires 12/31/14 Thanks Jason

Dial Acne Control Money Back Guarantee to $8 expires 1/25/15 Printable Rebate Forms

Joint Juice $5 Rebate expires 1/31/15

High Rise Vodka $15 Mail In Rebate Form expires 3/1/15

The Delsym Deal (Satisfaction Guarantee) expires 3/15/15 Printable Rebate Forms

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Challenge to $22.59 expires 3/15/15 Printable Rebate Forms

Physicians Formula Super BB and Super CC+ to $25 Rebate expires 3/31/15

Tidy Cats Pure Nature Clumping Litter Try Me Free expires 5/12/15

Dawn Money Back Guarantee expires 5/31/15

The Truvía Promise Money Back Guarantee expires 5/31/15

Fresh Step Kitty Litter MBG expires 6/30/15 Thanks Jason

Stash Tea Bed and Breakfast Offer expires 6/30/15

Drano Dual Force Rebate Form expires 7/31/15

Drano Liquid Clog Remover Rebate expires 7/31/15

Drano Max Gel Rebate Form 7/31/15

Drano Snake Plus Rebate Form 7/31/15

Shout Money Back Guarantee 7/31/15

Windex Original Money Back Guarantee expires 7/31/15

Waterpik Water Flossers $5 Rebate Form expires 12/31/15

Valvoline Engine Guarantee expires 1/31/29

Ibotta Rebates
Participating Ibotta Stores:
• 7-Eleven
• Acme Fresh Market (OH)
• Babies R Us
• Bi-Lo
• Boyer
• Buehler's Fresh Foods
• City Market
• Commissary
• Costco
• Country Mart
• Dillons
• Dollar General
• Duane Reade
• Family Dollar
• Fareway Food Stores
• Farm Fresh (VA)
• Food4Less
• Foods Co.
• Fred Meyer
• Fry's
• Gerbes
• Giant (DC,DE,VA,MD)
• Giant Eagle
• Hannaford's
• Harris Teeter
• Homeland Stores
• Hy-Vee
• Ingles
• Jay C
• JustSave Foods
• King Scoopers
• Kroger
• Lowe's
• Martin's
• Martin's (IN, MI)
• Meijer
• Owen's
• Pathmark
• Pavilions
• Pay Less Super Markets
• Pick ‘n Save
• Piggly Wiggly Midwest
• Price Chopper (KS, MO)
• Publix
• QFC – Quality Food Centers
• Ralphs
• Randalls
• Reasor's
• Redner's Markets
• Remke Markets
• Ridley's
• Rio Ranch Market
• Rite Aid
• Ruler Foods
• Safeway
• Sam's Club
• Scott's Food and Pharmacy
• Shop Rite
• Shoppers Food & Pharmacy (MD, VA, DC)
• Smith’s
• Sprouts Farmers Market
• Stop & Shop
• Target
• Tom Thumb
• Vons
• Walgreens
• WalMart
• Wegmans
• Whole Foods
• Whole Foods Market (CO)
• WinCo
• Winn-Dixie


NED (no expiration date) Offers
Note: the forms below do not have a specific expiration date. Some are years-ongoing, some are while supplies last. I would advise calling the manufacturer sponsoring the promotion before you mail, and make sure the PO Box is still open, and the promotion is still valid before you attach that stamp.

4C Tote Bag Promotion

Align Money Back Guarantee

AutoZone Rebates

Bear Naked Gear

Boogie Buddy from Boogie Wipes

Boyer Candy Products

Brawny Papertowels Money Back Guarantee

Buddig "Buddy" Beanbag

Buddig Lunchbag Offer

Butterfly Bakery $2

Carmex to $16.99 Thanks Jason

CarQuest Rebates

Cascade Money Back Guarantee

Cherrybrook Kitchens Rewards

Coles Family Rewards

Contessa Rewards

Cooper Tire Rebates

Cremo Shave Products

Crest Sensi Stop Money Back Guarantee

Denorex Dual Force $5 Rebate Form

Disney Movie Rewards

Dr. Scholl's Money back Guarantee

Dreamfields Pasta Guarantee

Energizer No Leak Guarantee

Evol Foods Gear

Ex-Lax Guarantee

Florida Grapefruit Free Knife Offer

Fry's Electronics Rebates

Gain Money Back Guarantee

Gain Fireworks Money back Guarantee

Gallo Wines Best Taste Promise

Gold n Plump Family Cookbook

Goodbelly 12 Day Challenge

GUM Canker-X Guarantee

Halo Pets Vegan Garden Medley to $7

Head & Shoulders Money Back Guarantee

Home Depot Rebates

Iams Rewards

Idaho Spuds Money Back Guarantee

Joint Flex Guarantee

Jolly Time Popcorn Free Water Bottle

Just bare Chicken Free Bag Offer

Kids n' Pets Facebook Rebate

Natural Dentist Mouth Rinse $5

Nature's Miracle Money Back Guarantee

Nature Path Cereal/ Prevention Magazine $3

Novartis for Pets Rebates

Pantene Smart Beauty Guarantee

Pert Anti-Dandruff Money Back Guarantee

Precious Cat Free Bag Rebate Offer

Prevacid Rewards

Prilosec 14 Day Challenge

Purina Difference Rewards Program

Purina My Perks (Cat)

Rock Doctor to $4 Rebate

Roman Meal Rewards

Schiff Loyalty Rewards

Scotch Brite Stay Clean Products Money Back Guarantee

Scotch Fur Fighter Guarantee

Scotch Lint Roller or Pet Roller Guarantee

Scotch Brite Stainless Steel or Cook Top Cleaner MBG to $7.99

Scotts Miracle Grow Rebate Forms

Secret Loyalty Reward Program

Simply Orange Fresh Taste Guarantee (bottom of the page, it is a pop-up)

Simpson Vitamins Free Tshirt

Tide Boost White + Bright Pac Guarantee

Zout Stains Gone Guarantee

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