CVS Coupons from the CVS Coupon Kiosk

CVS Coupons

The CVS coupon kiosk spits out coupons when you scan your CVS Card. Scan more than once. As a matter of fact, keep scanning until you receive the “come back tomorrow” message. I’ve received coupons on five separate, but continuous, scans.

CVS Coupons from the Kiosk

• $5/$15+ (expires in 3 days)

Expires in One Week

• CVS Brand Skin Care or Cosmetics $4/$10+
• Gold Emblem Juice $1
• CVS Brand Antacid Flavor Chews (12ct) 50¢
• Theater Box Candy 25¢
• Healthcare purchase $2/$10

Expires in Two Weeks

• Vitamin Purchase $5/$25
• Essence of Beauty Cosmetic Brush $3/$10
• Self Tanner or Sun Protection $2/$10
• Facial Moisturizer, Cleanser or Acne Care $2/$10

What CVS Coupons did you receive today from the Coupon Kiosk?

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